OEM and ODM Servics

OEM and ODM Servics

Prostar has been in OEM&ODM Services since its foundation in 1998. With rich experience dealing with customers from all over the world, Prostar knows how to serve our customers best in customization and is publically known as one of the best Customization provider in the industrial. 

Compared to many other manufacturers, Prostar has our own individual R&D department, engineering team and tooling division. The individual business units prvide full-function R&D on hardware and software to meet OEM&ODM requirements.

Prostar truly believes that a good customer service is neccessary. Thus, Prostar  cares a lot about the after-sales and provids a full time window. All the customers who buy from Prostar could get timely support by leaving us a message or calling our customers hotline from our Support webpage.

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