6-30KVA UPS(3:1)

  • 6-30KVA UPS(3:1)

6000 series low frequency online ups has been designed as combined advanced igbt technology with hi-frequency wider-modulated technology (pwm), which make customer could obtain hi-quality power output and optimized efficiency under each operation load. and the advanced modular design to reduce the average time to repair (mttr), and the best maintenance.it also with the most advanced phase-balanced technology, and it features best stability, even if loss-phase, it could still operate at normal condition, so it’s suitable for any worse power supply.double conversion, pure sine wave output line design could supply the low-distortion pure sine wave power, so it can provide the best power protection to the users’ equipment and with the isolated output transformer, which ensure that the entire the isolation of the load and public electric.

6000 series low frequency online ups (sp6k-sp30k) is three phases in & three phases out ups. due to its prominent industrial and electronic design, the ups not only could work safe in the harsh environment, but also could provide maximum protection office automation, network, security applications and industrial applications.

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